Fields of Activities

Socio-Economic Reform and Policy Development

In a context of widening income disparities and extreme poverty, FES strives together with political decision makers, experts from ministries and non-governmental organisations to raise new ideas for Sudan’s economic and social progress. The development of poverty reduction strategies and alternative macro-economic policies as well as the reform of the education system are of great importance in this perspective. Particular attention is paid to the situation of women in Sudan.

FES has been a long standing partner of the Trade Union Movement and engages to improve workers’ rights, e.g. in the Sudanese sugar, harbour and railway industries. Our objective is to make trade unions fit for the challenges posed by the new global economic order through training and seminars on regional and international trade organizations and agreements.

Promotion of Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

Human Rights 2004

For many years, FES has been involved in capacity building of the Sudanese civil society. The main objectives are to improve civil society networking and political participation. The process of political transition is supported by expert workshops on constitutional development and good governance, furthermore seminars and trainings on peace and democratic elections. For the promotion of young political leaders, youth are trained in the fields of peace, human rights and democracy.

In 2004, the International Human Rights Award of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung was granted to Human Rights lawyer and former Vice President, Abel Alier, and the leading journalist, Mahgoub Mohamed Salih, for their merits in promoting peace, equality and human rights among the Sudanese.

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